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Global Herbs Herbal Calmer


Global Herbs Herbal Calmer


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Thoroughbred CalmerFor fine boned horsesThorougbred Calmer is a special blend that many owners have found to make all the difference to their horses whether used for a relaxed hack in the country or more competitive situations. Our formula SuperCalm may be ideal for most horses but try this new product if you would like a specific approach for your own thoroughbred. A traditional formula designed to maintain normal muscle function in the face of challenges to proper working. Provides an antioxidant profile while soothing and calming affected muscle fibres. Use for routine management of muscle condition or for control of movement and function. Some breeds of horse need a more gentle herbal approach than others. We have found that thoroughbreds respond better in the long term to this more simple mix of herbs without the magnesium that is in SuperCalm

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