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Global Herbs PolleneX 1L


Global Herbs PolleneX 1L


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In the summer months the appearance of large swaths of yellow in the fields can fill the hearts of horse owners with dread and many different airbourne particles start to wreak havoc . Not only do owners start sneezing but their horses have a very hard time as well. Even walking past a lush hedgerow can make things uncontrollable.Supplementation with this traditional blend of plants in syrup or powder form can be a great hope. Owners start using it in the spring just as they start to sense the season is changing. It is particulary important to feed such horses correctly to minimize discomfort because repeated exposure to such a environment can result in long term issues that are much more difficult to come to terms with.Many plants such as the common nettle when eaten fresh are great for helping us and animals deal with flowering plants in the summer . Global herbs formula contains a unique balance of such plants which have been shown to provide the most effective nutritional approach they have seen yet . PollenX can be used for itchy noses ,runny eyes,tossing of the head and all those summer worries that you and your horse know so well.

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